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Vagina Explorer Sex is sometimes painful, is this normal?

Sex is sometimes painful, is this normal?

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You will find that most women are curious about topics that affect them personally and sexual wellness is certainly no exception.

Sex is sometimes painful, is this normal?

Some women experience pain during intercourse which can lead to problems in a relationship and can have negative side effects such as putting you off sex all together. In many cases the pain can be caused by lack of

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lubrication in the vaginal area. Is sex is playful there are a few things that you can try to increase the lubrication and overcome the problem. Try to relax, is you are anxious or worried this can cause the muscles inside your vagina to contract more, making the whole area tighter. Increase your amount of foreplay, this does not have to be oral sex, any sexual arousal you feel should help to get your juices flowing and last but not least, try using a lubricant. There are many different types to choose from but they all have the same end result.

If this does not overcome the problem then seek medical advice, painful sex can have many causes, some of which will require treatment but if your condition also includes any symptoms such as bleeding, irregular vaginal discharge, genital lesions or involuntary vaginal muscle contractions, then contact your physician as soon as possible.