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Playtime At The Dom Den; A Step-by-step Guide
(click images to enlarge) Playtime At The Dom Den; A Step-by-step Guide

Playtime At The Dom Den; A Step-by-step Guide

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There is a natural tendency by women to be the more submissive sex during sexual activity, and that would certainly be required for our playtime. (Please note that if this tendency toward submissive behavior is not how the woman is then this playtime and training likely won't work that well.)

Incidentally if someone is looking for a cheap, easy to find male desensitizer cream; over the counter hemorrhoid creams can work well. I would urge the man to test it out on himself before being with a woman as if too much is used he might not even feel enough sexual stimulation to get hard! The man needs to know what just the right amount to use is and chances are it's a significantly small amount.

This ebook comes with two additional free bonus ebooks (making it a $8.97 total value!) Your ebooks are presented in this order:

1) 100 Great Lines To Put In Your Personal Ad
2) The Absolutely Essential Guide to Erotic Breast Massage
3) Playtime At The Dom Den; A Step-by-step Guide

Here are just 2 of the 22 steps we will enjoy when you visit me in the Dom Den young lady.

1. When you enter my place, you (my lovely submissive/slave) will take off your shoes and go kneel on the thick padding next to my bed (or other agreed upon spot like a chair or couch). Unless told otherwise, your eyes will be looking at where my midsection would be when I sit down in front of you. You will wait for me there (unless of course I’m already there.)

2. I will come over and sit in front of you (assuming I’m not already there.) I may or may not have clothes on. You’ll then put your hands on my upper legs, massaging my legs with anticipation. Keep your hands high up on my legs, massaging my legs but you may not touch my manhood until allowed to.

Publisher's Note: This publication contains explicit sexual content and BDSM related themes.