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Vagina Explorer Intimate Care for Women

Intimate Care for Women

Intimate Care for Women

In this article we will take a look at our intimate areas in more detail and look at some of the products available which can help us to care for our intimate areas in the best possible way.

Intimate cleansing & deodorants

Now remember that the skin in our intimate areas is very sensitive and delicate so care should be taken when caring for these areas. Always wipe from back to front and be sure to use products that are specially designed for intimate hygiene purposes. There are many different intimate cleansing products, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure that you cleanse on a regular basis to avoid the build-up of harmful bacteria’s inside the vagina. After cleansing the area, follow up by caring for your skin with specially developed vaginal creams and moisturizers. You can also use vaginal deodorants which will help to combat sweat and leave you feeling fresher for longer.

Medications & Treatments

The most common of all vaginal infections is thrush and most women will experience this at least once, if not more at some point. Thrush is a type of yeast called Candida which usually grows harmlessly in the vaginal area. However just a small change in this area from pregnancy, taking antibiotics or the contraceptive pill, using perfumed soaps or feminine hygiene sprays, diabetes or even by wearing tight underwear can all cause these yeasts to multiply and number which in turn causes the symptoms of thrush. Thrush causes the whole vaginal area both inside and around the vulva to become extremely itchy but the good news is that there are lots of medications available without the need for prescription.

Vaginal Creams and Moisturizers

After using any sort of intimate cleansing, it is important to moisturise the area to avoid it drying out too much which can lead to vaginal infections. Because at Vagina Explorer, we believe that every woman should take good care of her intimate areas, we have a wide range of intimate cleansing products, along with vaginal creams and moisturizers, all specifically formulated and designed to be used safely in those intimate areas.

Waxing Bleaches

The hairy parts of our body are those that harbour the most harmful bacteria and this is why quite often after waxing, shaving or using depilatories, we can find that there is a rash or small spots present. This is caused by bacteria entering the skin in the period straight after waxing or shaving and although it will usually disappear within a couple of days, cleansing your intimate areas prior to any kind of shaving, waxing or using any other kind of depilatories will help to reduce the problem. The same also applies when using any sort of pubic or anal bleaching creams.