It's A Great Day To Explore Being A Woman!

Discovering self-pleasure

At Vagina Explorer we believe that masturbation and self-pleasure counts as much towards your health and wellbeing as diet and exercise. Masturbation is a great way to explore our bodies and our vaginas and start to make connections between our bodies and minds and learn about the relationship between ourselves and our partners.

For many women masturbation is a healthy, positive and pleasurable experience, however some women still feel uncomfortable with the whole subject. For these women it is important to find out as much as you can about the health benefits of masturbation and dispel a few myths whilst we’re at it.


The biggest myth about the female orgasm

The biggest myth about the female orgasm is that a woman needs a man to achieve a true vaginal orgasm which can only happen through intercourse. This is completely untrue; in fact over 70% of sexually active women say that they have never had a vaginal orgasm through intercourse.

As women start to explore their sexuality and use sex toys as an aid to self-pleasure, many believe that the clitoris is the sure way to achieve an orgasm. The sole function of the clitoris is to provide pleasure and a little known fact is that the part of the clitoris that you can see is actually just the tip of the iceberg. The whole organ is around 3.5” long and extends into the whole pelvic region including the vaginal walls and has a total of around 8000 nerve fibres. In every woman this pattern of 8000 nerve fibres is different, making each and every one of us totally unique whilst helps to explain the differing reactions and varied experienced of the female orgasm.



The clitoris and g-spot are very closely related;


In fact, in effect they are one and the same, which now makes it more understandable how the use of sex toys as an aid to self-pleasure and masturbation can help to achieve the climax. The areas inside the vagina are so closely linked to the clitoris that the use of sex toys along can bring on an orgasm.

For women who have yet to experience self-pleasure and masturbation, the best place to start is on your own. Use your fingers to explore your vagina both inside and out and gently rub your clitoris (the use of passion lubricants here can provided additional stimulation) and take notice of how your body reacts to your touch. With a little practice you will start to feel more comfortable with your own body and this will open up a whole new world of possibilities.